Wednesday, October 03, 2007

3 Great Chicks for One Low Price! Plus 1 Bonus Gabby!

Tres Chicas

The Pour House

Raleigh, NC

November 24-25

They are filming a live DVD, y'all! Squeeeeee! Go check out their MySpace page and see if you like 'em. If you don't, you are dead to me, as you obviously have no soul.

Seriously, though, I know some of y'all aren't too fond of my 'twangy shit,' but they are just good. They transcend twang, and probably also the lower layers of the atmosphere. Plus, if you come, I might even buy each and every one of you a beer. (Hope you like PBR in a can!)

Ticket prices are TBD, but I can't imagine it would be more than $20, and you know you've spent $20 dollars worse places (ahem, Foxy Lady, anyone? I won't mention any names, since I am nothing if not discreet, but you know who you are.)

I rest my case. (And I promise, on the whole, the women at this gig will be much classier.)

P.S. For y'all rockstar types, Patty Hurst Shifter is playing at the Pour House on Friday. Go and have a PBR for me. Actually, maybe you should make that CPA instead. PBR can be dangerous when combined with rock. Don't ask me how I know, just trust me.


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