Tuesday, June 12, 2007

parental manipulation at its finest

The Little Dude has been in quite a state this week. Tantrums, acting out, refusing to eat lunch or take a nap, biting, hitting... You name it, and if it's verboten, he's probably done it this week. Not that this type of behavior is totally surprising in a four year old, but he is usually relatively laid back, so whenever he goes through a phase like this, it takes us aback. Luckily, they tend to come about every 4-5 months and only last 1-2 weeks, coinciding with big milestones like talking, potty training or going to a new school. He is learning to recognize letters and numbers now, and 'reads' new ones every day, so I think that's what's behind the latest round of fits. Too many neurons firing all at the same time...it's enough to make a little boy crazy.

Anyway, today he gets up for the umpteenth time during what is supposed to be his 'nap'. He goes to the bathroom right before he takes his nap, but still will often get up right after he goes down to 'poopy.' It's like he holds it in until after he lies down just so he has an excuse to get up. Anyway, on this day, he gets up after he's been put to bed, and barges into my office without knocking. 2 strikes, buddy. Just when I open my mouth to be stern with him and tell him to get back to bed posthaste, Mister, he looks up at me with the sweetest smile.

"I forgot to do something I wanted to do before I went for my nap, Mommy..."

"Oh, yeah, what?" I ask, fully expecting him to have to go poopy or get a stuffed animal buddy or something.


And with that, he reached up, planted the sweetest kiss right on my kisser, and then flitted back off to bed. After I scraped up the puddly goo that used to be my heart before it instantly melted, I thought to myself, "Damned kid, he knows just how to push my buttons."

They learn young, they do.


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