Wednesday, August 01, 2007

hoo boy.

Well, the past few weeks have been eventful. I am a low-drama person, and we have had outside drama galore, so it's been kinda stressful, but hey- that's life. In the immediate, in the house family, everything is perfectly fine, so that's a blessing. Everything else will work itself out.

In other news, Jason is 38 now. Damn. One foot in the grave, baby. :)

In other news, I am now 30. Starting up that hill to slow, painful decline. However, Jason will always be older than me. Ha ha!

In very happy news, my awesome peeps from the old Raleigh posse threw me a surprise 30th birthday flamingo party. Yes, it was as awesome as it sounds, complete with a flamingo bra and grass skirt. No, I don't have pictures because I didn't have my camera- because it was a surprise! I think someone did take a pic of me in a grass skirt and flamingo bra, which of course I will share with you if I get a copy, as I have completely no shame.

Speaking of no shame, Jason got me a karaoke machine for my birthday. Best. Present. Ever. I have been coveting one for over a year now, but wouldn't buy it for myself because they are entirely impractical. I think it is the best gift ever, because it shows he was PAYING ATTENTION TO MY WANTS. Men, take note. Anyone can buy jewelry. Lots of girls like jewelry. But knowing that your woman is burning to sing cheesy 80s songs in the privacy of her own home- and that you are going to be forced to listen to her and likely participate in this madness if you buy her this damn thing, but You Do It Anyway- that's love, my friends.

And now that I have my very own karaoke love machine- bitches, it is on! Don't come to my house and expect to drink liquor unless you are going to pony up and sing karaoke with me. May I suggest that someone learns "It's Not Unusual"? I fucking love that song. I'll make any drink you want.

Oh, and by the way- we only have 2 months until the Great Conception Rally begins, so hurry up and start making your travel/karaoke plans!


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