Tuesday, July 17, 2007

craptastic to fantastic

Just plain shitty.

That sums up my weekend.

As terrifically awesome as the previous weekend was, this weekend was perfectly horrible. A quagmire of suckage. A morass of yuckiness. Bad.

In fact, it is way up there with the worst weekends of my life, and that is saying a whole lot as nobody died or is getting divorced as a result. Everyone here in the Big City of Kelford is fine. It was/is a family situation. And that's all I will say, since it involves sensitive information about a family member and I have to respect his/her privacy.

The highlight of my weekend was coming home late Saturday night after dealing with all this sadness and unpleasantness since Thursday. No matter how much bad icky poo life throws at me, nothing can beat the look on my Little Dude's face when he's been missing me and I walk into the room. There's nothing that I can think of that a sticky four-year old boy hug can't cure. I feel like I can withstand anything just to be able to be there for him, be strong for him, be good to him. Being a parent is the greatest joy of my life.

Although, coming home to a husband that *really* missed me ain't half bad, either.


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