Wednesday, July 11, 2007

still recovering

I keep meaning to write a long blog post about what an awesome weekend it was, but I am still recovering from all the awesomeness. The below pictures can give you a pretty good idea, though...

The only representative photos missing are drinking good beer with Sheila and Taylor at McCouls and staying up until the butt crack of dawn watching movies and making our own special effects sounds at Bill and Rae's. Use your imagination. Hey...wait...we were all clothed! And there were no hamsters present. Sheesh. You guys are terrible.

A hearty thank you to Sheila, Taylor, Mick, Eddie, Ruth, Chris, Carrie, Melissa, Tony, Brandon, Lucy, Justin, Bill, and Rae for too much fun of the foam and fried variety, and most of all to Barbara, Vince, Robbie and Julia for keeping the 'kids' this weekend so we could pretend we're not still grown-up, just for a little while.


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