Tuesday, October 02, 2007

the spirit of beer

A friend had me listen to some of his music this past week on vacation, and part of his selection was electronica-type music. Normally, this is not the direction in which I swing (there is no twang in techno), so I was very pleasantly surprised that I was totally into it. Wow. And upon coming home, once the internet began to breathe again in our house, I promptly made myself a couple of Pandora stations based on a couple of those artists that I remembered. So, of course, those 2 stations have produced several more new band seeds for me, which shall beget more, and so forth, until the end times cometh and the earth is drowned in a burning lake of fire.

A lot of what has popped up on these stations so far happens to be great zone out music for the working hours, as I'm not usually paying that much attention since there's minimal lyrics, and the driving beat kicks my brain into overdrive for some reason. So this afternoon, I'm working, and a song starts up, and I'm paying it no mind, just typing along, until I hear, in this ethereal voice: 'The Spirit of Deer..."


"The Spirit of Deer..."

Huh? Um, is this Native American techno?

"The Spirit of Beer..."

Oh, this is beginning to make more sense now.

"The Spirit of Deer..."

Wait, I though we already went through that...

At that point, I abandoned my work and popped over to Pandora to find out what in the hell I was hearing.

The Spirit of Fear.

Well, I think I like my options better.

No fear, just beer! Or deer! Take your pick.

Or, take both, like maybe a nice stout with some good homemade venison jerky...

Warning: non-sequitur ahead
Dude, there's some Neko Case on my Kathleen Edwards station. Sweet. Now maybe I won't have to drown myself in my water cup.
No, I'm not sure what that last line meant, either, but I'll leave it in there an we can pretend I was being profound.

This would be the part where I go and commune with the spirit of beer, except that I have to take my 4 year old to buy school supplies so he can finish his homework. Let me say that again.

So he can finish his HOMEWORK.

He's in Pre-K.

This is where is starts, people. Next thing you know, kids will be listening to language tapes in utero through Mommy's belly and doing long-division in first grade. Oh wait. That's already happened.



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