Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Such is life...

In my previous post, I was bemoaning the fact that there were just too many things to do on February 12 that it was difficult to decide which one I really wanted to do.


We ended up not doing ANY of them since we couldn't get a babysitter. Foolish of me to think that Grammy might want to babysit for one night, especially right around Valentine's Day. It's okay though. We ended up exchanging presents and falling asleep in front of the TV at 830pm. Ah, romance.

I got a promotion. Now I'm getting paid very slightly more to do the same job I've been doing for6 months, and I won't get paid overtime since they've made me an exempt employee. And since that entails more reponsibility, I am expected (but not explicitly told) to stay later than the regular quittin' time, since all the other exempt employees do. And I have so much work that I have to stay if I even want to make a dent in it. And of course, Little Dude is down with the fearsome and incredibly contagious PINK EYE this week, so I'm going to miss at least 2 days of work! I had to drop by yesterday for what was supposed to be 15 minutes but turned into an hour and a half just to check on some things...I really don't get paid enough for this. They've told me that I should ask my boss to get set up for access at home, but I don't think that's a great idea. I can just hear it now- You aren't finished with that yet? That's okay, you can work on it tonight at home and have it done first thing in the morning! Fuck. That. I'll just tell them that we eschew technology in our home for the sake of meditative solitude, and that we don't even have a microwave, much less a computer. Well, the microwave part is true.

I need a vacation. It's only February and I've already had to use 5 vacation days for Little Dude's sicknesses. I don't see a vacation happening, unless I come down with pnuemonia or some other fearsome acute illness that causes me to be hospitalized. That might be my only chance for days off. Hmmm...lying about all day, watching the tube, receiving sympathetic calls and possibly flowers from dear friends, getting all my meals delivered in bed...if it wsan't for the bedpans and the hospital food, it would sound incredibly appealing.

I'm not any closer to getting my guitar yet, but I did get 4 DNC CDs! I can listen to them and practice my air guitar now! Hell yeah!


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