Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Winter in the so delightful...???

WTF? Why is it that so many alt-country/Americana/folk/southern rock/whatever the hell you call it artists I want to see decide to take lengthy tours in Northern Europe in February and March? Yes, it IS 15 degrees in Greensboro today, but hey, we're lower in latitude than the freaking Netherlands! I mean, what do they have in the Netherlands besides war-crime tribunals and weeee...d. Oh. Nevermind.

Couldn't put my finger on it...

So The Kid went potty for the first time ever last night! Hooooray! I went in the bathroom to do something (pop a zit, I think) and Little Dude followed me. We got the potty down Monday night and he had a big time sitting on it, but nothing happened. Well, last night, he followed me in and started yanking his pants down. We got 'em down around his ankles, and he plopped down on the potty with this big ole smile. I said in that silly sweet Mommy voice, "Do you have to do something?" And he smiled even bigger and started to pee...all over the bathroom rug. Being a life-long girl, it never occurred to me that dudes can't just plop down on the pot and let 'er rip. You gotta hold that thang down, so you don't pee all over the rug. Learn something new every day, that's what I always say, and it was definitely true last night. After I related this story at work, a co-worker told me to just show him how to put his finger on his wee-wee to hold it down so he pees in the potty. Oh. So that's how you guys do it when you sit down. Hmmm. Never noticed that before. So, of course, I wondered how many drunk guys have peed on their bathroom rug because they were too drunk to remember to hold their wee-wee down when they drunkenly sat down to pee because they were too drunk to stand up and do it? Does this ever happen? I wonder.

Quoth the raven...

Coming to the Nevermore film festival in Durham this weekend, to see some gothic/horror films. Of course, once you've seen the product of the awesome and terrible Rotovirus, nothing can ever scare you again. Trust me. Two words for you- Neon Green. Eeeeewww. And on that note...

Have a blessed day! (yeah, nice sentiment, but if one more telemarketer tells me that, I'm going to bless something other than their heart, catch my drift?)



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