Friday, January 14, 2005

Warning- this site could be addictive

The Goth-O-Matic poetry generator, guaranteed to help you wile away at least 10 minutes in complete silliness. This is especially amusing if you or those you love are former denizens of the dark side of high school freakiness known as Goths (aka 'The ____ Mafia- every high school had one, long before wacked out kids started mowing down their classmates. And most Goths I knew were waaaaay too disaffected to even care about their fellow students enough to go to the trouble of doing anything more than give them withering looks. Freaks have gotten a bad name over the past few years, which disturbs me. If a couple of cheerleaders had brough automatic rifles to school and gone on a rampage, you wouldn't see high schools banning cheering squads or sending Muffy and Peaches to counseling, but try wearing a black trenchcoat to school and looking surly...)

Where did that soapbox come from? So sorry about that...

Anyway, here's my latest Goth-O-Matic masterpiece. Go and create your own and then tell me you didn't laugh just a little bit.

death deserved

what have you wrought?
a miasma of agony as perceptions vanish.
once we savored bliss,
untainted and virginal,
but your thirst shrank.
a deadened pool of bitterness -
tears follow memory, follow pain,
love bled dry.
in a haze of hatred,
i still love you.


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