Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Mid-Mid Life Crisis

I think I must be having a mid-mid-life crisis. I spent my lunchtime
fantasizing about working at a job where I make a real difference to the world-
teaching high school.

Somebody just shoot me now.

I know better than to even daydream about this- I was married to a high school
teacher, for God's sake! 60+ hours a week, tons of red tape, parents from hell,
all this excitement can be yours and we'll pay you -this is the real kicker- $8
bucks an hour!!!! And that's in a wealthy school district!

Call me materialistic, but right now, the pull of better money for less hours
and more free time has definitely won out. But it's a nice thought.

However, if I'm in a cherry red Corvette the next time you see me, then it's time for an intervention.


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