Sunday, January 23, 2005

Add It Up...more random shit.

Ah, the Violent Femmes...brings back memories of being young and irritable. Seriously though, was there ever a better 'Fuck You' song than 'Kiss Off'? I think not.

I bought 4 DNC albums off today, to flesh out my collection. Since the D-I-V-O-R-C-E, I have been woefully DNC deficient, excpet for some complilations, but I am rectifying that problem. It's still hard to get Whisper Tames the Lion and Scarred but Smarter, but one can keep trying.

WHY, oh why, do Jason Isbell, Thad Cockrell, and Kickin Grass all have to be playing on the self-same night (2/12/05)? This is terribly unfair. Yes, Isbell is playing at The Garage, which is just in Winston. Cockrell, who I haven't seen in two, count 'em, two years, is in CHill. Kickin Grass is in Raleigh, but despite my longing to see Thad and my newfound interest in Jason Isbell/DBT, I happen to know one of the dudes in Kickin Grass and he's an old friend, plus my sweetie hasn't had a chance to hear them play live, or meet said friend, so I am really leaning towards that option.

All of which, of course, rests on whether we can get a sitter. So all of this musing may very well be a moot point. Yes, it was easier pre-child, but then again, it wasn't as interesting.

I am dreaming of a Seagull I need to hear how it actually sounds...hard when you can't just walk into a store and pick one up and play it, huh? It's particularly distressing that I live less than 3 blocks from an authorized dealer, and I can't just walk over and pick one's a paradox- I know what guitar I think I want to learn to play on, but until I learn how to play, I can't really just walk in and pick one up. Sigh.


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