Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Hell, yeah!!!

For one night only (as far as I know), the fabulous Cailtin Cary and the amazing Kevn Kinney on stage, together, for 2 full sets, live at The Pour House!!!!! (Oh, and that guy from Drive By Truckers, too.)

Woooooo Fucking Hooooooo!

I already bought tickets and called the Baby Daddy to (hopefully) arrange some baby sitting, as he'll be shipping out to Kentucky at the end of January and needs to change as many diapers as possible before then. He was congenial, but unfortunately, he is having a bit of surgery the day before, and may be out of commission.

How To Be the Best Best Friend Ever:
I called my dearest bud just to tell her something else funny (a couple of high school friends/acquaintances have a band that is playing the same venue a couple of weeks later) and mentioned that we were coming to see the above band (without mentioning babysitting probs or anything) and she says, "Hey, just bring him (the Kid) by our house and we'll watch him." Totally nonchalant, out of the kindness of her heart. I am so lucky.

Of course, this will be our last resort, only if Baby Daddy and Crazy Grammy don't work out. Because it is a work night, and I love her so much.


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