Tuesday, November 27, 2007

i'm not afraid of failure

Well, I set some lofty goals for November...let's see how I am doing.

Let's see...17 blog posts....and it's November 27.

365 Days:
Last photo logged November 15. (I've taken them since then, but not edited/posted them.)

1129/50,000. And it's November 27. I can be prolific, but 49k in 4 days is beyond my ability. I have to sleep at some point.

Score: 0/3

There's always next November, right? :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

let me tell you about my ovaries

Aren't you all so glad I decided to hammer out 4 blog posts this evening? Because when I run out of ideas, I talk about my reproductive organs! Good times.

Long story short, mine hate me, apparently. I'm only 30, but I figure they're on strike. Maybe after 20 years, they were thinking about early retirement. Maybe they want a bigger slice of my internet revenue. I don't know. The union guys aren't talking to me anymore. And they've been picketing, refusing to do any worthwhile work.

But apparently, my ovaries have decided they are tired of sitting on their asses and they want to get up and get cracking again. Or else, there is a tiny gnome trying to burrow his way our of my left ovary out into the light. Perhaps both.

There's a word for this feeling- mittelschmerz. Those crafty Germans and their compound nouns! It roughly translates to "You are ovulating and will be doubled over your hot water bottle for the next couple of hours! Enjoy!" So now you know what I've been doing the last 90 minutes, aside from diligently blogging. And complaining bitterly to myself. Stupid ovaries, what with their sense of comic timing and all.

And the bourbon, it is gone!

And now, I daren't take a NSAID, for fear of eating through my already compromised stomach lining. Sigh. At least I have my beer and hot water bottle.

Wow. I bet you all are overjoyed that this makes 4 posts for tonight. Otherwise, I'd have to resort to telling you about that one time last year when my toe almost rotted off and killed me! No, really, it could have! And I have photos! But don't worry, I'll save that story for tomorrow.

Good times, indeed.

Fuck turkey. Here's what I'm eating this Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Day Buffet at Margaux's Restaurant, Raleigh, NC

Thanks, Margaux's. I hope you have a wheelbarrow to get me out the door.

16th Annual Thanksgiving Day Buffet
Family Style Platter Appetizer For Each Table
Chilled Shrimp Cocktail, Blue Crab Cheddar Dip, Deviled Eggs,
Country Ham Biscuits, Falafel & Hummus

Buffet To Include
Roast Turkey & Cranberry Orange Sauce
Roast Angus Steamship Round Au Jus & horseradish cream
Traditional/Oyster/Smoked Bacon Stuffing
Green Bean Casserole
Pumpkin & Wild Rice
Corn Pudding
Candied Yams & Marshmallows
North Carolina Turkey Leg Meat Hash
Shrimp & Scallop Newburg Bouchee
Herb Roasted Salmon & dill sour creme
Sesame Teriyaki Chicken Drumettes
Pulled Boston Pork Butts & collards
Fall Vegetable Quiche
Three Cheese Canneloni
Mashed Potatoes & Market Vegetables
Assorted Fresh Market Array of Salads

Family Style Dessert Service
Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Pie, Chocolate Chess Pie, Apple Cranberry Crisp, Tuxedo Mousse Cake, Tiramisu, Coconut Macaroons, Carrot Cake, French Vanilla Cheesecake

I hit 159 lbs today. Hooray! I have a feeling I won't be seeing that again for a while...

It's bacon and booze!

What is there not to love? Seriously, if you don't like either of those items, we should probably stop talking. Unless you're a recovering alcoholic Jew or Muslim, and then I might cut you some slack. But all you Protestants and Catholics, y'all at least need to be down with the bacon. You've no excuse.

With that in mind, here is a recipe that will warm the heart (and possibly other places) of the bacon lovers amongst you- the BLT cocktail. I know, sounds...a bit...over the top, perhaps, and yeah, it possibly is. But it is also love, in a flute. Mad props to Jason for pulling this one out of his...brain.

Fresh bacon crumbly goodness (Please, for the love of god, do not even contemplate using Bacon Bits here. Ew.)
Fresh tomatoes, chopped
Cava or the sparkling wine of your choice
1 tsp of sugar
1/2 tps sherry vinegar
Hot sauce to taste ( I prefer Tabasco, but that's just me...)

Combine the tomatoes, sugar, and sherry vinegar. Scoop you a little of that yummy stuff into a champagne flute. Add some bacon right on the top.

Then fill yo glass with sparklies. A splash or two of hot sauce, then your lettuce right on the top, and you are one toast away from heaven.

Yeah, it sounds...questionable, maybe. But it looks pretty, no?

Now close your eyes, take a deep breath, and throw it back . Aw, yeah. That's some good shit right there.

We enjoyed it, obviously.

Oh, that's right- I'm supposed to be blogging this!

Um, hi! I seem to have lost track of time! Could it really have been 4 days since my last post...huh. What about that? Um, hey, look over there- it's bacon! Look at the pretty bacon!

Sigh...What was that I said about falling off the horse? Man, this fucker does like to buck, doesn't she? But over here, we're adhering to the spirit of NaBloPoMo more than the actual letter, and going for the whole 30 posts in 30 days thing...so if I write 4 tonight, ostensibly, I will be caught up. Under my own slightly cheaty-yet-sort-of-sensical rules. And I'm ok with that. So here we go, back in the saddle.

I haven't done a bullety list yet this month, and I'm thinking it's about time. (It's a good way to get through one post, anyway, and get to what you really want to hear about, which is a BLT cocktail. Oh, trust me, you not only want to hear about that, you want to eat it drink it!)

Let's do the iTunes Shuffle, y'all! A spin of the wheel...come on big money, no whammies, no whammies!

1- "You Give Me Something," James Morrison
Who is this dude? I know I don't have this album. I don't even know who this dude is...oh, looks like it was a free iTunes single of the week. It's not *that* bad, but it's sorta R&B lite...not quite enough soul, and the lyrics are a trifle insipid.
"Please give me something, 'cause someday, I might know my heart..."
I have a better idea, pansy pants- why don't you grow some nuts, and then we'll talk. Damn. I guess I really didn't like that song at all.

2- Track 6, Unknown Album.
I love it when this happens. Complete randomness. No idea who the artist is. At first, this song was totally creeping me out, what with jazzy/kabuki-esque quality of the artist's voice, and the extremely minimal backing instrumentals, but it grew on me over the course of 3 minutes...and it's kinda sexy, honestly.
"There is a crying in my heart that never will be still, like the voice of a bird behind the starry hill..."

3- "Route 66," Wayne Hancock.
This rocks! Actually, it swings... I don't think I even have to say anything about this song, except that I love it and I love Wayne Hancock, and this song makes me want to learn how to really dance instead of just shuffle my feet. It also makes me want to buy a red convertible and drive cross-country.
"Get your kicks on Route 66..."

4- "Pushing the Needle Too Far," Indigo Girls
I love Amy Ray. (She's the brunette Girl, the intense one. I want Emily, the blonde, to be my sister. I want Amy to be my....well...anyway.) Emily's songs tend toward the pretty, the romantic, the idealistic. Amy's tend to have a bit of an edge, musically and lyrically. This song is a great example.
"I woke up this morning, grey dawn, with a prayer on my breath.
I lost something precious, God'll save me from losing myself."

5- "Am I Too Blue," Lucinda Williams
Her voice is just so forlorn sometimes, and this song is no exception. It's a perfect fit for the lyrics. The song is a perfect fit for those of us who have wondered at one time or another re: a relationship, am I just too much? Am I too intense? Do I want this too much? What the fuck is wrong with me?
"Is the night too black? Is the wind too rough? Is it at your back? Have you had enough?"

Hey, that was both fun and painless. Thank God the Shuffle Gods didn't happen upon my Jewel or Justin Timberlake. I might have some explaining to do then.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

the last time I saw my muse, she was standing on a corner downtown in thigh-high boots

But I think she's gone upscale or something and I can't afford her outcalls anymore.

Seriously, my NaNoWriMo novel idea is pretty interesting, but I just can't seem to make myself sit down and I don't know- write. Half the month is over, and I'm just still about 48k short...now, I've been known to go on writing binges where I throw down 10k in a sitting, so there's still hope, but I still have to actually sit down and and I don't know- write? Put my fingers on the keyboard for some reason other than NaBloPoMo or 365 Days picture fixin'...maybe I really did bite off more than I could chew this month? Oh, and let's not forget about that 5k on December 1...Jesus, what was I thinking?

Here's some journaling I did re: the pleasure of writing a few months ago...it reminds me how much I truly love creative writing and how transcendent I feel when I have a really great session. Not unlike having a great run. Of course, I've missed the last 2 days running, so I have a lot to feel guilty about today...

When I write sometimes, I feel like I'm swimming alone, rhythmically, in the ocean, really half floating, taking in the intoxicating salty smell, the blue-green-gray water, the blue blue sky and the seagulls calling and the children laughing and the waves crashing all together at once, just melting in and over me, and a gentle wave comes and I drift back to where I can put my feet on the sand and slowly pull myself up and walk deliberately back to shore. I feel foggy, like I'd been sleeping and just woken up from a deliciously peaceful nap, and just slightly tired but completely relaxed, like maybe I had an awesome o while I was asleep. I remain disoriented for a while after. I wish I could stay in that state whenever I chose, but alas, there this thing called life and family. But the nice thing is that it's free, whenever you have the free time to pursue it, and it doesn't matter how well you swim or who is watching- it's the way it makes you feel that's important.

That's a reminder to me that no matter how hard it is to sit down and start, it will all be worth it once I finish. It's not so much the end product, but the process. And the follow through. I can still do this- tomorrow I will write 10k and tomorrow I will run 2 miles.(But, tonight, I'm going to finish my beer. Hey, they don't call me Procrastinatrix for nothing.)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

so, I cut my hair

Even in my youth, I was not generally impulsive. It took a great deal of effort to break outside my routine and try something different- whether it was making new friends, or trying a new hobby, or defying someone else's wishes for what I ought to be. I would turn a problem over and over and over in my mind, and usually choose the most pragmatic (read: boring, staid, safe) course.

Case in point- senior year, I got early acceptance to the only two colleges I really wanted to go to, the only two to which I applied. One was a state school in the western part of the state- the tuition was very reasonable, the location was gorgeous, the humanities program was great... but I didn't know anyone there, and had no parental support where room/board/tuition was concerned and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get a job and cover expenses.

The other school was a private college in Georgia, where I already had friends, the Education and Classics programs were both excellent (I wanted to either be an English teacher or a Latin teacher), and the location, while next door to the ghetto, was also spectacularly stunning. And I had a partial scholarship for 10k a year- but tuition was 20k. See above re: expenses.

So instead of taking the leap to go somewhere exciting, somewhere I truly wanted to be, and deciding that money would just work itself out, I applied late to NCSU, stayed in Raleigh, and the rest is history. Thinking back, if I had just taken the leap, either way, who knows where I would have turned up? Not that I have regrets, it's just...well...one can be too cautious, I think.

Anyway, this major digression is to say: I'm not a terribly impulsive person. Love and booze are pretty much the only battering rams that get my defenses down, and even then, it takes copious amounts. Other decisions, I agonize over, and mull, and overthink.

I've wanted to change my hair for a while now...but there was always something. First it was this guy I was dating, who was pretty vocal about preferring long hair. Then, we ended up getting married, and there was the wedding- you can't chop your hair off right before your wedding! And then there was the inertia of having this particular style, that everyone seems to like, especially the guy you married, and you don't really want to upset that apple cart, right?

Except I did. I love short hair. I've had it for large portions of my life, so I knew what to expect (easy showers, less shedding, and a much easier time covering my grey!) And frankly, I'm not the kind of gal that enjoys getting up and messing with a 'do. It was more of a wash, detangle, put in a bun situation for me. And with two tons of coarse, thick, frizzy hair, if you don't love long hair personally, the resentment builds up fast.

The time was right for a change. And a couple of days ago, the itch became too intense not to scratch. It's just hair. It's not me, it's not who I am, right? It's just hair. What's the harm in getting rid of it?

Before I could think myself out of it, I warned my spouse and picked up a new set of scissors.

And before I veer out further into tangent territory, here's how it went down:

So, I Cut My Hair

The funny thing is- it's *not* just hair. The reactions hair provokes are amazing, and I'm not immune myself. I feel so much better, so free, so liberated, so much more myself, than I did under all that hair, no matter how pretty other people thought it was. I feel...like me again. Like I've taken control of this situation, now I can take control of all those other things that have been bothering me for so long...

But that's crazy- it's just hair! Right? Now, I'm not so sure.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How to lose 2 lbs in 2 minutes.

Full photo essay tomorrow....Right now, I'm too busy running my fingers through my hair.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Fresh out of ideas. Luckily, I have photos.

Sigh...I wish I could turn on the creativity like a faucet, but...um...no. So let me shows you a picture.

Yeah, that about covers it for this evening.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

too bad you're not eating bacon

This goes out to all my peeps who missed their daily required allowance of bacon today.

Check out this video: Bacon

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Originally uploaded by gkp
On my feet!

This almost makes up for the fact that Target did *not* have my sock monkey pajamas in stock.

I love sock monkeys. I had one as a girl, and remember him very fondly. I wish I had a sock monkey now to cuddle on those cold winter nights. I would hug him and squeeze him and call him George. Maybe Santa will bring me a sock monkey. I"ve been a good girl this year. Mostly.

Friday, November 09, 2007

every second of the night, I live another life

I have always had slightly bizarre dreams. As an example, last night, I dreamed that I went camping with Kevn Kinney from Drivin n Cryin. And while that does sound like fun, it's not a thought that has ever crossed my mind during my waking hours.

I've had a lot of recurrent dreams, too. For years, I have dreamed about my great-grandfather every 4-8 weeks. In the dreams, I'm completely aware that he's dead, but it's not odd at all that he's come for a visit. We kick back, shoot the shit, and then he leaves, and I wake up. That's one of my favorite dreams, and I'm hopeful I'll keep having those sort for years to come.

Then there were the recurrent dreams about disposing of corpses. Every week, for a number of months, I had these crazy ass dreams where my car, my closet, and once, my entire house, were filled with dead people. I knew that I hadn't killed these folks, but I knew that I had to get them out of my house before the police found them. These dreams were frantic, frightening, and completely, totally fucked up. Many times, the killers would be my roommates or friends, and they'd be sitting around casually, not even bothering to help me clean up their mess. Dr Freud, any thoughts?

Probably my very favorite dream of all time, in terms of sheer randomness and delight, is the first dream I had about my Gay Dead Boyfriend.

A couple of years ago, we bought the full set of Monty Python's Flying Circus. Best $92.00 I've spent in recent memory. We watched it straight through and then watched it again. I just love me some MP. The mixture of the absurd with occasional snatches of dry British humor of the black variety is right up my alley. I love all the fellas- in my mind, John Cleese is the cute one (to me, anyway), Michael Palin is the quirky but quiet one, Terry Jones is the guy you want to be best friends with, Terry Gilliam is the weirdo that doodles all the time, Eric Idle is the asshole you can't help but love...and then there is Graham Chapman, my all-around favorite. He's smart (a trained MD even!), sophisticated, classically handsome, and the master of the straight man delivery. Le Swoon. If he was still alive...well, I would hope they had lax stalking laws in the UK.

But, as you may already be aware, my stalking would be all for naught, for Mr. Chapman did not row his boat on the same side that I fall on. The good ones are all gay, dead, or married, indeed.

So anyway, prior knowledge of his sexual preference apparently didn't matter to my subconscious. After a marathon session of MP one night, I laid my head down on my pillow and came to in a beautiful meadow in jolly old England, blissfully cuddling with Graham, who I have come to refer to as my Gay Dead Boyfriend. In the dream, we snuggled and kissed and confessed our love for one another. He admitted that yes, he was gay, and also dead, but that hardly mattered here, where we were. Gosh, it was all so sweet and romantic, like a couple of teenagers falling in love before the throes of puberty really settle in and tear up your insides with hardcore lust.

I woke up nearly giggly. It was amazing. I shared nuzzlies with one of my favorite comic actors of all time! What a night!

I ended up having two very similar dreams over the next couple of weeks, each just as chaste, but just as sweet as before. I have no idea where they came from, but I certainly wasn't complaining. My subconscious is a strange, but wonderful place sometimes.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

in yer computer, readin' yer blawgs

One reason I don't get much done is the sheer volume of blogs I read nearly every day. Some a webcomics, some are mommyblogs, some are devoted to personal development, and some are just pure silliness, and I love them all.

I frequently recommend blogs to certain people (like my husband) espousing the virtues of this writer or that comic, and I literally see the words go in one ear hole, do a circuit around his brain, and fly out the other ear. Then two weeks later, certain people (like my husband) will say, "Hey, I heard about this great blog/webcominc/writer, you gotta see this!"

Since I'm just talking to myself whether I'm talking to him or typing to you all, I'll go ahead and give you just a few of my blog recommendations...

Dad Gone Mad

Danny does everything from poop jokes about his kids to moving tributes to his friends, and he doesn it incredibly well, with humor, sweetness, and lots of curse words. A very funny Jew. Plus, his t-shirts are awesome. I especially love my "Hot Wife" shirt, even if I'm not as Hot as his Hot Wife.

I Can Has Cheezburger?

If you don't already know about this one, set aside a few hours, grab a beer, and try not to spray it all over your monitor. I dare you.

Largehearted Boy

Terrific music and book reviews, plus free, legal downloads. So much awesomeness awaits if you like reading and/or chair dancing.

Either you will think this webcomic is really fucking funny or seriously damn offensive. You could be right either way. Personally, I got with the former

Sometimes funny, sometimes bittersweet, always smart. I love a webcomic that routinely has me checking Wikipedia for explanations of the math references. I also love a webcomic that routinely makes grammar jokes. There aren't enough good grammar jokes out there. If I was single and childless, I just might be stalking Randall Munroe. Not, not really. But I would knock on his door and ask him out.

The Simple Dollar
An excellent personal finance blog. Trent has a chatty yet straightforward tone that makes his very informational posts very easy to read. Finance is a topic that can easily be dry and boring, but Trent makes it interesting.

Pink is the New Blog
Another Trent, but totally different direction. Gossip blawgs can be snarky and mean, but Trent serves up the dish without being cruel. A secret, but not guilty, pleasure.

Miss Zoot
So down-to-earth and cool. She's blogging as a sort of scrapbook for her kids, and her obvious devotiion to them comes through in every post without being precious or cloying. Plus, she seems like a damn cool broad. I'd love to take her out to lunch in real life.

The Sneeze
A silly, silly man. I just love ths guy. Start with "Steve, Don't Eat It!" You will get hooked.

Miss Doxie
She's hilarious, she's Southern, she's adorable, she's drunk a lot. She's my hero. I may have a mini-webcrush on her. Ok, maybe a big one.

Damn, that's a long list and I haven't even scratched the surface! No wonder I can't get shit done, I'm too busy readin' blawgs! The great thing about blawgs though, is that instead of making me feel less connected to the outside world, like heavy computer use sometimes has a tendency to do, I often feel more connected after reading about someone in Alabama, or Atlanta, or Canada, that has shared that same experience, loved that same song, drank too much of that same wine...and as much as I like to think that I'm unique, sometimes I like to be reminded how much we are all the same.

keep on keepin on

Well, I kinda blew the whole 'write everyday for 30 days' aspect of NaBloPoMo, as I missed not one, not two, but three days in a row...and I'm woefully behind on my NaNoWriMo novel. But I have kept up with my 365 Days project! One out of three ain't bad.

However, in the spirit of finishing what I started, sort of anyway, I'm still going to strive to write 30 blog posts this month. And at least one everyday from now on. We'll see how this goes. It's kind of like this whole running thing- I miss a day or two and then go back to it, just trying to keep plugging along, not giving up. This strategy is working for me so far. I've never been a friend of perfection. It's so damn boring.

Speaking of running,


I ran a mile on Tuesday, and nearly wet my pants with excitement. Three-fourths of a mile had been a challenge up until that point. A mile was awesome. I never would have dreamed that I could do 1.5 miles today! A friend was gently prodding me to run and dropped a line something like, "Now go run one and a half miles..." and I responded that no, I didn't think that was happening.

But, when I hit one mile, I thought, hey, I'll just go for one and a quarter, and that will be great! And then I hit 1.25 miles and thought, damn, I really could make it the whole 1.5 miles. And even though I knew it was coming, I was shocked when I hit the 1.5 milepost, on many counts:
A: I was still alive, and not hyperventilating or in danger of a massive heart attack.
B: I was still alive, and I ran 1.5 miles without stopping.
C: I was still alive, and I ran 1.5 miles without quitting.

In the past, quitting when the going got tough had been a acceptable option, at least for pursuits like exercise, which while important, are not life-changing in and of themselves. If I fell off the wagon, or messed up, I'd just throw up my hands and quit. But now, I not only feel obligated to follow through, just because I've told other folks about my goals and don't want to disappoint them, but because I don't want to disappoint myself. I want to push myself. I want to see how far I can go. And the more little changes I'm able to make in my life, the more motivated I am to start plugging away at the big things, the things that are extremely important and life changing, but just seemed too impossible or too difficult to attempt to fix.

For the first time, I feel like I really could run three miles without stopping. And for the first time in a long time, I feel like I really could make it to the next milepost without giving up. Hell, I might even sprint.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

slightly random

I thought that I would write something truly original and interesting today to make up for the feeblemness of yesterday's post (But, hey, it was a post! So it counts! Quantity not quality, I always say, in November, at least..) So here's a couple of random links to brighten your day. Or not. What do I care, it's still a post.

-Friday night, my BFF and I went to see this wonderful movie. I originally heard an interview with the 2 lead actors on NPR, got the soundtrack, and was hooked. It comes out on DVD in December, so select it for your NetFlix queue now. And buy a extra box of Kleenex if you're an old softie like me.

-Also Friday, we met up with a bunch of friends here. Yeah, that's just the liquor list, but skip all the way down to the list of single malt scotch. That's all you really need to know. If you're in Raleigh, you should get on out there and get you a nice drink. I also recommend the burgers and chili cheese fries. Although you may want to grab a beer for that. Scotch is for dessert.

-Somewhere in this house is a bottle of single malt that I got Jason for a surprise, 'just-because-I-love-you-and-I'm-a really-awesome-wife' gift...and then the motherfucker promptly hid it. Not a bad move on his part, actually, but still...if you have any ideas where it might be tucked away, let me know. The ABC store is closed on Sunday.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

your quote of the day

"Cleopatra's teacher of absolute love, the "ABC of mama cat," with the swallows's 10 disciplines above the arctic white owl's birth-controlled love!"
-E.H. Bronner

This quote brought to you by my Dr Bronner's soap bottle. Terrific soap, excellent bathroom reading.

Friday, November 02, 2007

And I Ran

And, seeing as I have to run (figuratively) this afternoon, I'm going to make you do the work by just linking to my Flickr set for today's blog (I was going to post them here, with all the captions, neat and pretty, but ah, well...you guys aren't afraid of a little work. It's good exercise for your clicky finger.)

I'm off to the big city to see a great movie and then drink some great beer with some great folks. Til tomorrow!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

off and running

For my first NaBloPoMo post, I thought I'd take the easy way out and do a little photo essay, nothing complicated, just a little something on my new running pursuit.


I've already spent waaay more time downloading and fixing the pics than I would writing a post, and I haven't even started the actual writing yet.

Geez. I thought I was taking the shortcut.

So, a couple of months ago, my best friend ad this great idea- let's run a 5k together! She had already run one a few months beforehand, and although she wasn't still training, she assured me that it would be easy to get in shape. Never mind that I'm a complete couch potato who hadn't further than the path from the couch to the fridge since college. No problem, I thought. I can do this. I'll just wait until we get back from vacation.

Well, then we went on vacation. And somewhere between the crashing surf and icy gin, I completely forgot about this race. It didn't dawn on me until a week after we came back from vacation. Another week lost. Do I really want to do this, I thought. She'll understand if I back out.

I made the mistake of mentioning this race thing to another friend, who cheerfully promised to remind me to go run every day. And did. Suddenly, I had someone very gently prodding me to go out and do it, every day.

I hate hate hate exercising. I like activities that are fun, and that don't feel like a workout. You know, like biking, and hiking, and eating bacon. Running is probably the most heinous of all exercising, because there is no real reason to be running, on purpose, unless a cheetah is chasing you across the veldt. Or a Cheetah Girl is chasing you across the bar. That would also be a good time to run.

But having someone to be accountable to changed the equation for me. The first few days I didn't want to disappoint someone else. Now it's getting to the point that I don't want to disappoint myself. And that's a huge leap for a girl that couldn't be bothered to walk to the post office, which is a whole block away.

The irony is, that race I was training for...well, by the time I signed up (a full month prior to the race), it was FULL.


I couldn't believe it was full. I couldn't believe I wouldn't get to run. I couldn't believe I was so disappointed.

So I'm going to cheer on my friend at that race, and she and I will run another 5k together a couple of weeks after that. And hey, it doesn't hurt this couch potato to have a few extra weeks to train, seeing as how I'm still working on running a continuous mile...but I'm almost there. And even if I can't run the entire 3 miles, I will still finish the race, and that's enough of a victory for me.

Hey, maybe tomorrow I'll get around to showing y'all those pictures.

To Do List-
NaBloPoMo post
365 Days photo

Oops- gotta run!

(I never can resist an easy joke...)

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