Thursday, December 07, 2006


bath, originally uploaded by gkp.

I've been inspired by the artful nudes that I've seen in the 365days pool (it's this self-portrait project thingy I'm doing over at Flickr), but I've been a little too nervous to try one myself. Well, here goes nothing. I did have lots of fun trying to shoot this group and not drop my camera in the tub or throw my back out.

I didn't realize how curvy I'd become over the last couple of years...I've just felt kind of chubby, especially considering this is the most I have ever weighed while not carrying a child. But taking this group of photos, it was like I saw myself as a completely different person- and I kinda liked what I saw. I'm curvy in the right plaves, soft and touchable, inviting...maybe even sexy...

It was worth contoring myself into all kinds of strange positions, camera held out at all angles, legs, arms, and back trembling to hold a pose, just to feel that way about my body again.