Thursday, November 08, 2007

in yer computer, readin' yer blawgs

One reason I don't get much done is the sheer volume of blogs I read nearly every day. Some a webcomics, some are mommyblogs, some are devoted to personal development, and some are just pure silliness, and I love them all.

I frequently recommend blogs to certain people (like my husband) espousing the virtues of this writer or that comic, and I literally see the words go in one ear hole, do a circuit around his brain, and fly out the other ear. Then two weeks later, certain people (like my husband) will say, "Hey, I heard about this great blog/webcominc/writer, you gotta see this!"

Since I'm just talking to myself whether I'm talking to him or typing to you all, I'll go ahead and give you just a few of my blog recommendations...

Dad Gone Mad

Danny does everything from poop jokes about his kids to moving tributes to his friends, and he doesn it incredibly well, with humor, sweetness, and lots of curse words. A very funny Jew. Plus, his t-shirts are awesome. I especially love my "Hot Wife" shirt, even if I'm not as Hot as his Hot Wife.

I Can Has Cheezburger?

If you don't already know about this one, set aside a few hours, grab a beer, and try not to spray it all over your monitor. I dare you.

Largehearted Boy

Terrific music and book reviews, plus free, legal downloads. So much awesomeness awaits if you like reading and/or chair dancing.

Either you will think this webcomic is really fucking funny or seriously damn offensive. You could be right either way. Personally, I got with the former

Sometimes funny, sometimes bittersweet, always smart. I love a webcomic that routinely has me checking Wikipedia for explanations of the math references. I also love a webcomic that routinely makes grammar jokes. There aren't enough good grammar jokes out there. If I was single and childless, I just might be stalking Randall Munroe. Not, not really. But I would knock on his door and ask him out.

The Simple Dollar
An excellent personal finance blog. Trent has a chatty yet straightforward tone that makes his very informational posts very easy to read. Finance is a topic that can easily be dry and boring, but Trent makes it interesting.

Pink is the New Blog
Another Trent, but totally different direction. Gossip blawgs can be snarky and mean, but Trent serves up the dish without being cruel. A secret, but not guilty, pleasure.

Miss Zoot
So down-to-earth and cool. She's blogging as a sort of scrapbook for her kids, and her obvious devotiion to them comes through in every post without being precious or cloying. Plus, she seems like a damn cool broad. I'd love to take her out to lunch in real life.

The Sneeze
A silly, silly man. I just love ths guy. Start with "Steve, Don't Eat It!" You will get hooked.

Miss Doxie
She's hilarious, she's Southern, she's adorable, she's drunk a lot. She's my hero. I may have a mini-webcrush on her. Ok, maybe a big one.

Damn, that's a long list and I haven't even scratched the surface! No wonder I can't get shit done, I'm too busy readin' blawgs! The great thing about blawgs though, is that instead of making me feel less connected to the outside world, like heavy computer use sometimes has a tendency to do, I often feel more connected after reading about someone in Alabama, or Atlanta, or Canada, that has shared that same experience, loved that same song, drank too much of that same wine...and as much as I like to think that I'm unique, sometimes I like to be reminded how much we are all the same.


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