Wednesday, May 16, 2007

choppin' broccoli

Originally posted on my MySpace blog on 4/25/07.

broccoli is hardy
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Today, while Jason was making lunch, I took a mini-work break. I work alone, in my bedroom/office, for 9 hours, 5 days a week. Yeah, I'm at home, but I act like I'm at work, so it's kinda like being in a cubicle, except there is no one to yell to over the gray fuzzy walls. It's a bit lonesome, so in addition to calling up my work buddies to chat a few times a week, I have tried to get in the habit of taking 10-15 minute breaks every couple of hours, like I would naturally in the space of talking to coworkers if I was actually at work. (Who am I kidding? I would take MORE breaks if I was at work! I am actually more productive now than I ever was in the office, due to the complete lack of distractions, made possible by a stay at home spouse whose full-time job is corralling the kid. I love you, Jason!)

Anyway, I smelled something really good wafting from the kitchen, so I got up to investigate. It was TVP Sloppy Joes, vegetarian baked beans, and baked french fries- yummy! (And coincidentally, this was exactly what I had told Jason I wanted to eat for lunch today the night before. Did I say I love you, honey?) Noah looked up from his toys and went in to check it out with me.

"What we having?" (Preschoolers aren't too concerned with 'helping' verbs most of the time.)

"Sloppy Joes."

(Yucky face) " I don't tink I like dat."

"Yes, you do, we've had them before."

"Well, they not healthy." (They are actually- we make them from TVP- texturized vegetable protein, which is made from soybeans and is so much more tasty than it sounds. It's also shelf-stable, so we can stock up when we go to the big city, and use as needed without worry that it will go bad, unlike any kind of meat. In any recipe that calls for ground beef, like taco filling, chili, sloppy joes, or meat sauce, you literally cannot tell the difference if it is cooked well. And Jason is an excellent cook. Yes, I am spoiled.)

Noah again- "We should haf broccoli. I want broccoli. Can we please haf some broccoli?"

I am not making this up. The kid loves broccoli. It is one of his favorite veggies. He also eats lentils, any kind of beans, hummus (another favorite, with 'piter' bread, of course), sugar snap peas, carrots, etc. I don't say this to gloat- I am as amazed as you may be. I think his love of veggies comes from our reluctance to fix him special meals, due to our own upbringings where you got what everyone else in the family was eating, and if you didn't like it, too bad- you don't have to eat it, but that's all there is. I'm totally not going to get into parenting issues here, because I think everyone should do what works for them, The End. I am not Supermom, and I ain't giving anyone advice, since frankly, I am unqualified.

But every time he says something like this, I am amazed and grateful that my kid loves veggies.

And when he's fifteen and wants nothing but cheeseburger, fine- he can buy his own damn food and learn how to cook. And fix Mom and Jason a cheeseburger while he's at it.


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