Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Let me tell you your fortune...

Originally posted on my MySpace blog on 4/27/07.

Hold on one second while I go get a cookie.

Since Jason has been laid up with a bum knee, I have been in charge of the cooking. Actually, I *should* say that ever since Jason has supposed to have been laid up with his bum knee, I have supposed to have been in charge of the cooking. The first day, I drove about 20 miles to get Chinese take out. The next day, I offered PB&J all around. The third day, Jason decided he was okay to stand up a couple of hours a day and cook. What a trooper.

Anyway, when I so valiantly hunted down the Chinese food, we received fortune cookies along with our meal. Our fortunes were eerily prescient:

Jason: Your good deeds are never forgotten.
It could only have been more appropriate if it said: Your good *cooking* is never forgotten.

Noah: A great pleasure in life is doing what others say you can't.
This one needs no explanation at all, as he is four years old.

Me: A chance meeting with someone from your past is in store.

Now, don't get me wrong- I have had some real happy chance meetings here, on Myspace of all places, with old friends and acquaintances I thought I would never get to see again, and I am so incredibly thrilled! And I can think of a few more old friends I would love to get in touch with again.

And then, I can think of some folks from my past that, well...should probably be left there, in the past, as memories.

So, my mind has been racing- who will it be? The old friend that I haven't seen or heard from since his wedding seven years ago? That would be awesome! One of the guys or gals that I used to work with at Granny's or PieWorks, way back in the day? Sweeeeet! The pretty boy I dated for a very brief time a few years back that told me I had "too many opinions"? Ewww. No. Not cool. (And dude, if you thought I had too many opinions back then, I would blow your tiny little brain into a thousand and one pieces now. Especially since you've probably fried those few remaining brain cells with that industrial strength bleach you used on your coif. But I'm not bitter.)

But thankfully, every single person that I have re-met in the past few years, the past few months even, has been an incredible experience for me. Previously, I thought Myspace was just for teenagers and child molesters, but thank goodness I learned differently.

So, if you could 're-meet' an old friend, lover, acquaintance, etc...who would you choose? And why? To rekindle and old friendship or love, to set things right, to say 'fuck you'? For myself, I can think of quite a few folks that fit the first two...but I can't really think of anyone I want to bless out. I've tried to be very forgiving towards anyone that might have slighted me, because Lord Knows, I have needed that forgiveness so many times in the past and will again before I die (Jason, baby, I am sorry I can't cook anything that doesn't involve a Bundt pan, pie crust, or cookie sheet! Please forgive me! Here's a Toll House cookie!) But that doesn't make it wrong for you... Feel free to take the time to scream "You go to hell, bitch! You go to hell and you die!" to that special someone in your mind. I'll wait.

There. Hope you feel better!

Now y'all go and have a wonderful weekend...I've got a glass of wine, a clear blue sky, and about 30 more minutes of Happy Friday!


updated 5/16/07: OMG, I called it- it *was* peeps from my PieWorks days! First the lovely Amy, and then her bro David! Sweeeeet!


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