Wednesday, May 16, 2007

so I have this other blog...on MySpace...where this post came from...

originally posted 4/10/07 on my MySpace blog...shut up. Everyone's on MySpace these days. Really.

I should be asleep and stuff, but I've been studying liver disorders, cancer, and mental disorders all night, and I can't relax. So I'm having a glass of wine (which, according to my reading, will likely increase my risk of all of the above, the thought of which is further inhibiting my ability to decompress), and I thought I would tell you about my other blog.
I've been keeping this blog for about 2 years, and it's been an intermittent diary of sorts. I may have mentioned it to a couple of friends, but as far as I know, no one keeps up with it. And that's ok with me. I generally post things that I'm not comfortable talking about all the time, which to my mind can make it kinda boring, as those sort of topics tend to be my crazy family and my various nervous tics. But now I am sharing the love with you! So, if you aren't already bored to tears, here's a linky poo:

Warning: I have recycled some of the blogs from here, because I felt they captured really well the way I was feeling at the time, so there is some overlap. Because I am often lazy.
If you just can't get enough of me (hahahaha!), here's a link to my Flickr account:

I love taking photos, but I am a very amateur photographer, so please keep that in mind. I appreciate the input of more seasoned photographers or photography lovers, so please comment with constructive criticism if the mood strikes you.
There you go. I am going to study more on colon and rectal cancer now. I would hope that viewing my photostream is not quite that painful.


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