Sunday, November 27, 2005

42% done!

And only three days to go!

I'm trying to live up to my NaNo name...

Anyway, I am also trying not to give up this year, as I have tried and failed on two previous attempts to 'win' by getting the 50k done in thirty what if I have to pull a couple of long-nighters... I can do this! Yeah! Right! I am trying to bribe myself with the promise of a new haircut (longish bangs and long layers to enable the 'fro factor to take hold and enable me to spend even less time on my hair) and a new t-shirt- lookie here!

I love it sooo much! I want to have its baby! Okay, not really, but I do want that shirt and it is only ten dollars and I should buy myself an Xmas present even though I just bought this:

and this:

and this:
(Just the CD, not the t-shirt....for NOW anyway...bwahahahaha!)

And I am going to quit blogging now and go write some more novel, but before I go, let's share a hearty HELL YEAH! Go here,

look for Sunday, December 18th, buy tickets, and say it with me- HELL YEAH! WOO HOO, MOTHER FUCKERS!!!! (We already bought tickets and have a babysitter, so Jason gets to go this time. Yay!)

Hopefully, my lame ass novel will be done by Wednesday at midnight and then I will be back to regale you semi-monthly with such stories as How I Ruined Thanksgiving for My Mother, Why Does My Family Keep Calling Me Fat?, and Why I Am (Almost) Out of a Job (or, A Tale of a Merger of Equals). Sometimes, I'm glad that no one reads this blog.



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