Tuesday, October 31, 2006

uh-oh. wedding snafu in progress. (10-16-06)

If I hadn't mentioned this before, I'm getting married this weekend. The groom is a fabulous guy. We've been together 3 years, in which time I have gained 39 lbs- did I mention he's a fabulous cook? But more importantly, my son has gained a great father figure and I have gained a great friend. He has taught me so much about the really important things in life, like cowboy music, Terry Pratchett, and artisanal cheese (which is how I gained the 39 lbs- now he's having to cook tofu and greens to help me get rid of it. Only 23 to go-woo hoo!)

Anyway, we are very much looking forward to our wedding and reception (mainly the reception- we've been accused of getting married just to have a great party, and to that I say hey! you know a better reason to have a great party?). We were feeling a bit smug about having most of the major details taken care of already, one week before the wedding (we are very last minute kinda folks, so this is a major accomplishment.) However, yesterday, we got some bad news. Our officiant, a dear friend of ours, has broken his heel and will be laid up all week. All week. Including this Saturday. When he was going to marry us.


Now it's a major bummer that our dear friend is going to miss the most fabulous party of the year, and we are going to miss having him there immensely. Oh, and there's also that little niggling problem that now, we have no one to marry us. We can't just run out and get a preacher to marry us, since we don't regularly attend church and aren't very religious. We could go down to the courthouse, but then our families and close friends won't get to see us actually get married. And we can't just get any officiant to do it, since we're having an untraditional theme wedding.

Anyone know where I can get a buccanneer pirate minister on the fly? (Must have own eye patch, earring, and poofy shirt. Parrot not required, but highly recommended.)


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