Monday, February 21, 2005

The Consultation Part

Okay, so up to this point, this site has been totally my Ruminations. Well, ruminations might be too strong a word to use. Some might call it rambling. Some might call it stream of consciousness. Some might call it diarrhea of the mouth.

But, for the sake of fair advertising, I will provide some Consultation resources for your edification. Now, since I rarely consult with anyone myself, as I like to make my mistakes all my my lonesome, I don't have much in the way of advice that I have received recently to relay to you. Also, as much as I avoid asking for advice, I avoid giving it ten times more strongly, so I definitely don't have much advice to give you. I think the following three items pretty much encompass the knowledge I feel competent to pass on to you in good faith:

1. Ingesting cat food, either dry or regurgitated, will not irreparably harm your toddler.
2. Curry tastes great, but neither smells good before you cook it or after you eat it.
3. Masturbating frequently will not make you blind or cause hair to grow on your palms. In fact, it might keep you from gouging someone's eyes out.

Given that I am not personally a good source of advice, below are some reputable or at least interesting sources for you, Gentle Reader:
Straightforward (and often hilariously plain-spoken) advice from Dr. Tracy. Don't ask her if you don't want her to call it like she sees it. The Love Library is great, especially if you want to remind yourself that your love life could be fucked up way, way worse.
Can BDSM be part of a normal relationship? For the answer to this and other pressing questions, go ask Alice! (Hint: Columbia has a BDSM student group. Now, that's where I should have gone to college.)
Wondering why you should go vegetarian or even vegan? These nubile, partially nekkid young things can give you a few good reasons. My favorite: "Because I'll give you head."

So there. Don't say I never gave you anything.


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